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And while I'm at it:

I've been doing plain sockses; they're easy, mindless, give me something portable to work on, and I end up with NOO SOCKS at the end of it.

I have discovered:

I lurve Flusi (Regia). THe colors are awesome, and the socks feel nice.
I hate Fixation. THe socks are comfy enough, but I deliberately wasn't knitting because I didn't want to work with the yarn.
Once i finished those, I started on the Roundabout socks, using Happiest Girl dyeworks yarn in Nebula. LOVE the colors. The yarn is not plied as tightly as I'd like though. Pattern is in my project list on ravelry, if you care to find it.

Jeanie: Actually been working on this when I'm not feeling like working on socks. The pattern's easy enough so I just have to pay attention to the makes and drops.
Rogue: It's summer. Yeah. Not really working on this. :/ Also, I need to put several parts on stitch holders and I just haven't gotten around to finding them.
Knitting olympics

Carmen Bananas progress

Carmen is done; I haven't stitched the face embellisments, but I'm not sure that I *want* to do that either. I probably will at some point, but C tends to pick at stuff like that, so... I'm not sure.

Her undies and shirt are done also.

C: Mommy! What are you DOING?
Me: *putting shirt on Carmen* I finished your monkey's shirt.
C: You finished her shirt! Now she's not naked anymore!
Me: You're right, she's not naked anymore.
C: *tilts head, gives giant smile* Did you knit that for me?
Me: *dies of cute* Yes, I did.
C: *holds out hands* Mommy, can I play with it please?


If I can finish the cardigan (minus buttons) and the poodle skirt, I will consider myself a finisher.
Knitting olympics

Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics

Carmen Bananas.

It's for the little one. My commute and job take me out of the house about 12 hours a day. I get to see her two or three hours a day, and I miss her horribly all the time. My commute also just doesn't give me much time to knit, so I picked up the kit because it's on sale and it's something small. It's also a more complex toy (with accessories) than I've done, so the real challenge is, I think, actually getting it finished. And hoping that the small DPNs don't totally tear up my hands while I'm making her.

That's about it. I finished one leg last night, and cast on the second leg. With any luck, I'll get through that today, and be able to start the body
Knitting olympics


Made a Druplicon hat for my brother in black & white and gave it to him (early) for his birthday.

Knit a couple of rows on Jeanie tonight while watching Sanctuary and Next Iron Chef.

Have this idea to make fingerless gloves for Signing Time Rachel.

Have less of a giant cramp in my side because thanks to the Purlescence ladies, I no longer sit stupidly while I spin. Spun up some Lisa Souza superwash that is JUST GORGEOUS and I'm totally thrilled with how it came out. Shit, I need to do pictures sometime here!
Knitting olympics

Progressy stuff

Jeanie - almost through the first skein. I wound the other two today with the intent of keeping it all together so I can have it for the Paris trip.

Socks - Finished the monkey socks, cast on the Hedera-esque socks. I'm going to modify that just a touch even, because Hedera is lace all the way around. Hedera-esque is only one repeat of the lace pattern, and 60 stitches isn't enough to fit around my fat calf, much less the rest of my food, so I added a dozen stitches. We'll see how that goes.

Xmas gifts - one hat, one pair of mittens done. I have another hat done, but it's not going to match the coat, so that hat will go elsewhere for xmas. I'll have to do another hat and come up with some sort of trim yarn that'll match it. The pair of mittens that's done has most of the i-cord that'll attach to them done, I need to knit another 4 inches of that which won't take too long. It's dull 'right before bedtime' knitting.

Yeah, that's about it.
Knitting olympics

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Stole is DONE DONE DONE. Well, except for weaving in ends and blocking.


My nieces are moving to Colorado. My brother wants a Drupal-ish hat. The girls will need warm hats and probably scarves and mittens. Yeah. It's like that.
Knitting olympics

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Dear Etsy idiot:

When I'm already horrifying myself by checking out some of the Fug on Etsy, and I wander over to the category "Knitted Accessories: Shawl", you are selling STITCH MARKERS. Stitch markers are not shawls, jackass. I understand that someone else out there is selling shawl pins in the same category but at least they are PINS FOR SHAWLS and therefore at least partially related. I sure as hell will never buy anything from you, because you're too stupid to even categorize something properly.

I even stated to say "granted, maybe it's too hard to do that since I don't actually know how etsy categorizes things" but I scroll down and what do I see? KNITTING SUPPLIES. Let's see. Stitch markers, hmm Shawl? Knitting supplies? I KNOW. I KNOW. Even BETTER. Knitting supplies has a sub category of STITCH MARKERS. Who knew??

Knitting olympics


Found Jeanie. Heh. Had gotten shoved in a closet or something.
Finished the Iolite socks. No picture, too much of a hurry to take a picture, then I didn't want to take a pic of my worn socks.

Picked up the bambu stole. Did not set on fire, though I was tempted.

Cast on a pair of gloves for a gift. Knit the first cuff while watching B5 tonight. Gloves are easy, gloves are quick. Rar.

Yeah. 1 pair of socks in 2 months. Sigh.

Also, my brother wants one of my Druplicon hats. He was going to steal it. I was going to cut off his privates. So.
Knitting olympics

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Hat and gloves: done.

Two more awesome hats of awesomeness of which there will be pictures at some point: done

Attempted scarf to match the awesome hats of awesomeness: Fail. The illusion chart I came up with is way too wide to actually look good. I'm going to have to compress it one direction or the other and that's going to require some consideration. And, I just don't have time to complete it right now, so it'll probably wait until later in the year when I'm ready to try tackling the chart and making eleventy test swatches. My (second) chart worked... it just wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to.

Jeanie: did a few rows, yay!

Bambuuzled stole: Did another repeat. This is likely to be the project that goes on the plane with me to DC, cuz it's mindless, except for the damn cable.

I have the urge to start some socks, but I have that other pair I should work on. BUt I want some for meeeeeeeeeeee.

I dug out my wheel last night YAY. I plied some stuff that's been on the bobbin for oh a year now. There's a little of one single left, so I want to look up how to do one of the different plying methods that you use for singles (andean or chain or whatever) and see if maybe I can do something useful with that. Then I dug out 4 oz of a 'pixie batt' I got from Spinning Bunny and spun 2/3 of that up into singles. I am going to try a 3 ply yarn with it, so I need the other two bobbins empty for that. Problem being that the other stuff is still on it, waiting for me to figure out how to ply the single, and waiting for me to skein up the plied yarn that's been resting overnight.

I think that's it!
Knitting olympics

Knitpicks and broken needles

adbear got me a set of Harmony dpns for my birthday from Knitpicks. I started the gloves and realized one of the needles was defective. No biggie, they come in sixes ‘so you can still knit even if you break one!’. So, no problem. I write them and say ‘hey, one of my needles was broken and the set is 6 months old.’

Grant that it was the holidays and we had email problems, so it was a couple of weeks before I got a response from a real person; though their autoresponder got back to me in a day or two (hard to tell - see: email problems). The real person who responded said “toss the broken one, I’ll send you a new set”, and today, a new set of 2.5 mm needles arrived on my doorstep. Woo, 6 new dpns for having a broken one.

Yay =)
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